Vol #4
Think & Grow Rich Romantic Relationships

“All is in the Silence,
waiting to be brought,
Forth to form and substance,
by the builder, Thought.
That is how God fashioned,
everything He wrought.

Everything you long for,
in the Silence wait,
Yours the power to shape them,
either soon or late,
But be very careful,
how you form your fate.”

The Law of Attraction is Powerful! It’s the way life on this planet manifests desires, even your desire for a beautiful, romantic, healthy, happy, joy-filled relationship with your ideal mate! Everything in this Universe grows from a seed. Creative energy is ever-present, to match and manifest the thought-seeds of love allowed to grow in the unseen world of your imagination. Love will find its way, yes even to you, when you can understand and imagine that – It Already Has!

Get your copy of Think & Grow Rich Romantic Relationships today, and rid your mind of limitations and scarcity thoughts and feelings!  Realize the Universe will search the planet for the mate that is just right for you and deliver in an instant!  “The miraculous” and “the spectacular” first happen within you!  Get ready for what will feel like all your dreams coming true at once!  Understanding the Law of Attraction can produce what will feel like fairytale experiences. The Law of Attraction will seamlessly lead, guide, direct and orchestrate the most beautiful encounters imaginable, as it uses your intention; that which you have desired, contemplated, and envisioned, as its blueprint. You can find yourself living what feels like a dream, and have no idea how it came about so quickly and easily, with little to no effort on your part.

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Yes, everything in this universe grows from a seed. However, instead of planting the seed, i.e., the thought, about the type of mate and relationship it is that you truly desire, and allowing it to grow the desire you have in mind, you allowed the entrance of whomever and whatever was currently available and presenting him or herself to you at the time. How many times will you attempt to assign value to someone who has none, as far as being a mate for you is concerned?  Your premise for accepting an unqualified, unsuitable, unfit potential mate into your life was based on your core belief in lack and scarcity. Men and women alike like to tout: “There are no good men (or women) left,” as if the selection pool is so minuscule, you had better try to make it work with whoever approaches you. We act as if there is only one seed in a pomegranate, which is against nature itself. It becomes like the bird in the hand theory:

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

The Law of Attraction just seems to have you at the right place, at the right time, with the right disposition, to have a life‑changing encounter with your ideal mate!  Love comes about in the most beautiful, yet the most natural way possible.  Grab your copy today and discover how your thoughts become experiences!



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