Vol #1
Relationships Without a Vision, REPEAT!

Law of Attraction Draws to You
The Desires of Your Heart

( As Well As The CRAP You’re Sometimes Attracted To! )


Why haven’t you found real love yet?  Well, it could very well be because:

What you DESIRE,
Isn’t always what you’re ATTRACTED TO!

Relationships Without a Vision, Repeat! (RWOVR) is an e-Book consisting of approximately 350 power-packed pages filled with video, images, antidotes, and Master Law of Attraction teachings!  RWOVR will give you a RAW, REALISTIC, SPIRITUAL, yet PRACTICAL assessment of not only every relationship in which you’ve been involved but also reveal the mindset, the consciousness, the “energy” you were operating in when you attracted it in the first place – good or bad!

The one thing this book WILL free you from is asking, “Why?”

Find ANSWERS as to why you attracted someone wonderful, but then couldn’t hold on to them.  Why you are always alone.  Why do you keep attracting the same “type,” and end up with the same heartbreak?  Why do good guys finish last or end up with the most indifferent, ungrateful, superficial women, no matter how good they’re treated?.  Still asking, “Why has love and happily-ever-after not come to me?” “Will the desires of my heart ever appear before me in manifested form?” “Will I ever feel anchored in love, and experience sustained happiness, satisfaction, and contentment in my relationship with my mental, emotional, spiritual equal?”  Discover why happiness in your relationships always seems to be temporary and fleeting, but the emotional devastation of the aftermath seems to linger for decades.  Discover why you look for evidence, confirmation, and validation from a significant other, rather than placing the “stamp of approval” on your own forehead and establishing your own self-worth from within.

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In Relationships Without a Vision, Repeat!  you’ll find ANSWERS that will empower you to deliberately, consciously, and skillfully create your own future, whether that is within a successful relationship, marriage, or as one that is happily single!  You will know, without equivocation, that the power to intentionally create your relationship destiny lies solely in your imagination, based on Aligned Energy and the Law of Cause and Effect!

Will it ever be your turn to experience true love – a relationship filled with joy and peace, instead of anger, fear, and loss?  After reading Relationships Without a Vision, Repeat! you will know the answer is a resounding:  YES!

Buy your copy of this interactive, beautifully displayed e-Book, today! Watch your love-life go from 0 to 100, real quick!

True love is an amazing, universal condition that no one should live without experiencing, including you, especially you, but like everything else that you will ever experience in this life, it too is governed by law, and it begins with a word, a thought, an idea that lives in your mind, and a belief (which is nothing more than the images that you hold in your heart), that the possibility of true love exists, even for you, at whatever phase of life you happen to currently be in.

Learn How to Visualize, Attract & Manifest Your Soulmate books; True Love & Healthy Loving Relationships

What do you really want? That is the question you must settle in your heart and mind. Are you just looking for a man or woman, or, are you looking for a “loving experience’ with a special man or woman? Why settle for just “anyone,” when the Universe is ready to offer you “someone” to whom you are a vibrational match to so that there will at least be the possibility of a happily ever after.

Expect that love will enter your life quietly, gently, and unobtrusively, as gently as a rose comes forth from a bud, slowly opening and filling the atmosphere around you with the scent of its splendor.


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