Vol #5
The iWithin

The Universe, as we know it, had a beginning; therefore, this author has surmised that there is a Presence, a Spirit, a loving Creative Intelligence that is in it, around it, and is ever-present, even on the other side of it.  This author contends that this Being is an infinite, energetic force that is limitless, immeasurable, uncontainable, omnibenevolent, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and with Its blessing and intention, we are all made in Its image and likeness.

The iWithin is about our connection to each other, and to this Eternal Being that not only put love for you, inside of you, but the One who reaches past stars and galaxies, wormholes and dark spaces, outer space, the atmosphere, even across time and dimensions to care for you; to reach your heart with Its Love.

This book is about results! There is an adage that says: “If it’s true, it’s not new – and if it’s new, it’s not true.” The iWithin is not about to tell you a new truth, per se, because “truth” is not a creation.  Truth is merely discovered, revealed, or realized. It is not “the truth” that sets you free; it is your “knowledge” of the truth that sets you free! You can die of thirst with water in your presence, if your mind tells you the water is tainted and you believe a lie. Therefore, The iWithin will certainly be detrimental to your ignorance. You will never again find yourself in a state of hopelessness, helplessness, or feelings of being misguided because after reading The iWithin, you will have a clear understanding of why your life has gone the way that it has. You will understand why your current relationships, circumstances, situations, and conditions have persisted, and you will know exactly what to do, in a practical sense, to change them.

It is imperative to understand Albert Einstein’s work on the space-time continuum and how this link, this connection between time and space, blends into each other so gradually, and so seamlessly, that it is impossible to say where one becomes the next. The understanding of this blending is relative to how things, including thought, travel through space, and how “time,” as we think of it, literally does not exist. For example, “big” and “small” are only relative to each other, based on the object that connects them. Thoughts travel with lightning speed, in all directions, and can enter the mind of the person to whom you sent the thought, and thus reproduce the thought in their mind. They are free to accept that thought and act upon it, or they can repel the thought and discard it. Free Will is always protected. Because thought is faster than the Speed of Light or Sound, time becomes irrelevant when you envision, imagine, and creatively visualize your heart’s desire, because the Universe only knows “now.” The Universe gives you your desired end result in the nowness of NOW! How can such a claim be made? Get your copy of The iWithin today, learn, and begin to masterfully shape your future.

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Table of Contents

  • Abandoning What’s Familiar In Search of Absolute Truth
  • Why Is There Such Disparity Between People?
  • Absolute Truth
  • Finally Identifying Causation
  • Light
  • Energy
  • The Law of Motion
  • Your Eyes Never Stop Moving
  • Thoughts, Spoken Words, and Your Inner Chatter
  • The Power Is In How You Feel About
  • What You Are Currently Thinking
  • What Causes Your Hidden Desires To Actually Manifest?
  • We Manifest Like Energy, Not People, Things, or Experiences
  • Visualization & Mental Rehearsal
  • The Bridge Between the World of the Seen and the Unseen
  • Mental Rehearsal Makes It Real
  • Focus | Concentration | Determination.
  • It’s About Having A Made-Up Mind!
  • How Will You React Once Your Desires Manifest?
  • Thankful v. Grateful v. Appreciation
  • Universal Energy Is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient
  • Conclusion
  • and much more!