Vol #3
Expect True Love Because the Universe, Delivers!

“What you think, You create.
What you feel, You attract.
What you imagine, You become.”

Expect True Love Because the Universe, Delivers! allows us to endeavor to understand that Love works like everything else in the universe; it comes when it is called for, asked for, reverenced, anticipated, and expected.  Therefore, let us shift our consciousness away from placing our expectations on other people, especially our mates and significant others, and instead, understand how the universal system of the Law of Attraction, the Law of Motion, and the Force of Magnetism works between people with like‑energies to manifest our expectation. Never again will you fear the loss of love; i.e., feeling abandoned, rejected, or being in non‑committed, casual relationships, if what your heart actually desires, is oneness, togetherness, commitment, and monogamy within a healthy, sustained relationship.

Align Your Energy.

Expect Unexpected & Pleasant Surprises
to Come Your Way . . . Daily!


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The purpose of this book is to show you that you, too, can have true love in your life, with all the magnificence, beauty, joy, and warmth that accompanies it. The Universe provides without judgment, and it does not play favorites. If anyone has ever lived and experienced true love, then you can too!

Between reality television, Hollywood movies, and Disney, do we all have unrealistic expectations (negative and positive) that we impose upon others and ourselves where love is concerned?  People may disappoint you, and at times, we disappoint ourselves, but the Law of Attraction, the Law of Motion, and the Law of Love is the Universe’s way of delivering to you exactly what you desire, what you believe you already “have,” and, it operates for all people, at all times, with mathematical precision! This universal system of attraction can be relied upon because its workings are as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, although it doesn’t always feel that way!

  1. To Expect, Or Not To Expect, That Is The Question!
  2. How Can You Attract True Love, If You Can’t Identify True Love?
  3. If You Are Single, Available, and Reading iWithin Brand Books, You Are Most Fortunate!
  4. Changing Your Focus, Changes Your Companions.
  5. The Phenomenon Of Assumed Expectation.
  6. The Principles Of Manifestation.
  7. You Must Desire True Love, To Acquire True Love.
  8. Bridging The Gap Between The Seen And The Unseen Realm.
  9. Deliberately Create The Love You Expect To Manifest.
  10. Expect “Your” Mate To Manifest.
  11. Respect The Love That’s Coming Your Way!
  12. Relationship Expectations.

Law of Attraction, you get what you think, feel and expect!


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