It is your unobserved, inconspicuous SELF-TALK, and HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT your relationship status (or lack of one), that CAUSES your EXPERIENCED REALITY! One does not get rich and then develop a rich person's mentality; instead, once you have developed a rich person’s mindset, you’ll experience a rich person’s riches!

Everything in this Universe first begins with a seed.
LOVE, too, reproduces and attracts after its own kind.

It’s Spiritual Law!

Deborah D. Johnson

Never look for LOVE or pray for a mate WHILE your heart and mind is desperately longing for a committed relationship! When you are sad, in a MOOD, and in the emotional STATE of feeling abandoned, hopeless, deeply lonesome, hurt, or emotionally devastated after a breakup, divorce, or even the death of a spouse, YOUR ENERGY is toxic, and MAGNETIC! Law of Attraction will work against you.


Because YOU are a CO-CREATOR with an INFINITE POWER, a Supreme Intelligence that is ALWAYS RE-CREATING - from WITHIN YOU! Therefore, YOU are responsible for YOUR relationship EXPERIENCES - whether draining or devastating, or blissful and beautiful! Your relationship SELF-TALK determines your EXPERIENCES!

The POWER resident within you is Omnipotent (can do anything), Omniscient (knows everything), and Omnipresent meaning it is everywhere present at the same time - ATTRACTING and MATCHING your thoughts and moods with other people emanating the EXACT SAME ENERGY. Lonely insecure people attract people that will continue to make them FEEL lonely and tentative, even WITHIN a relationship, i.e., lonely in your own home and marriage!

Law of Attraction can ONLY bring more people, situations, and/or reasons to make you feel more of the same emotions. Therefore, YOUR mental and emotional disposition is CAUSATIVE!

Attract and enter into relationships when you’re whole, evolved and READY, not when you’re vulnerable and LONELY. Entering any other way is a recipe for pain and irreparable emotional damage that can last for a lifetime!

The Universe DOES NOT REACT with "compassion" to your pain
nor your happiness; it RESPONDS and RE-CREATES YOUR current ENERGY, mood, and State of Being. Experiences come from whatever is being felt & envisioned from within - from your:  


By Visualizing the Impossible,
You'll Begin to Inwardly "See" Love & Happiness
As Possible!

Deborah D. Johnson

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