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“Never pray for a mate or look for LOVE while you're desperately longing for a relationship. When you’re in the emotional state of feeling abandoned, deeply lonesome, hurt, or emotionally devastated after a breakup, divorce, or death, that ENERGY is toxic, and MAGNETIC! Law of Attraction will work against you. Why?
Because YOU are a CO-CREATOR with an INFINITE POWER, a Supreme Intelligence that is ALWAYS CREATING - from WITHIN YOU! Law of Attraction can ONLY bring you more people, situations, and/or reasons to make you feel more of the same emotions. YOUR emotional disposition is CAUSATIVE!

Attract and enter into relationships when you’re whole, evolved, and READY, not when you’re vulnerable and LONELY. Entering any other way is a recipe for pain and irreparable emotional damage that can last for a lifetime.

The Universe doesn't REACT with compassion to your pain,
or your happiness; it RESPONDS and RE-CREATES YOUR current ENERGY, mood, and State of Being. Experiences come from whatever is being felt & envisioned from within - from your:


By Visualizing the Impossible,
You'll Begin to See Love & Happiness As Possible!

Deborah D. Johnson

How you feel ABOUT your relationship status (or lack thereof), will always be your experienced reality. You do not get rich, and then develop a rich person's mentality; instead, once you develop a rich person’s mentality, you’ll experience a rich person’s riches!

Love, too, attracts after its own kind. It’s spiritual Law!


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