Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever felt emotionally hijacked?  Emotional Intelligence refers to the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions – your own and those of other people.  Relationships can be damaged and productivity halted without it. Confidence in one’s own ability to choose wisely and to perceive can be undermined.  As you are unlikely to be able to change the other person, you must be able to modify your own behavior to turn a situation into a positive experience.  Learn to become aware of such behaviors in other people that may cause you to respond negatively and thus, cause the Law of Attraction to work against you.

Emotionally intelligent people can harmoniously reconcile what their minds and reason tell them with the voice of their feelings and emotions. Thanks to this skill, emotionally smart people are self-confident, self-aware, creative, and energetic.  Emotional Intelligence will help make you much more capable of handling stress and knowing how to get along with others. Grab your copy of this dynamic little e-Book today!

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