Someone Just Right Is Looking For You!

Listen to “Someone Just Right Is Looking For You!” on repeat 3 times, without interruption – if you can stand it!  Regardless of whether you are listening from your recliner, or while you are driving alone in rush‑hour traffic, by the third consecutive listening, you will feel your self-esteem rise; your energy will begin to soar as you begin to recognize and appreciate just how valuable, important, and deserving you really are!

Listen to this CD until that calm sense of “knowing” that some “yet unseen miracle” is occurring in your life in the nowness of now, because suddenly, you are aligned with the energy of your soulmate/twin flame, not just mentally, physically, and emotionally, but also on a spiritual level.  You owe it to yourself to allow this spoken-word poem to move you from loneliness, hopelessness, depression, or despair from making bad relationship choices, into the energy of receptivity, possibility, and probability, as you are suddenly experiencing a quantum leap into your future with your adoring mate!  This Law of Attraction relationship poem is on point like no other!  It will cast out every doubt that true love will find you too!



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