Just As You Are, You’re Just Right Too!

After listening to “Just As You Are, You’re Just Right!” on repeat 3 times, you will feel like your soul and your inner vision of self is being restored!  You will feel like sacrifice, compromise, playing small, and “settling” are all being washed from your consciousness!  This CD will bring you to the feeling that you are alright, just exactly as you are, where you are.  This CD will give you a knowing that the essence of who you really are, is already all that your mate has ever sought‑for and desired!

Additionally, you will become clear (maybe for the first time) of how important it is to fall deeply in love with yourself…first!  Ms. Deborah’s spoken‑word poem is next‑level.  She went deep within to pull this one out, just for you!  Listen to both the male and the female perspectives in their own voices.  This CD is an absolute must-buy!

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