Hiding From Myself

When the rain is over, always remember to put away your umbrella.

Even your “broken” brilliance still shines brightly in whatever darkness life may have forced you to walk through!  You cannot hide what and who you really are, or what you were always meant to be, so, shed your masks . . . Dare to SHINE!!!

Perhaps the first thing to ask yourself is whether or not you are happy, within, and are you truly being your authentic self? Are you where you want to be in life? Are you doing what you want to do? Are you living in the lifestyle of your choice? Are you co-dependent or psychologically enmeshed with others for your happiness? Are you in the relationship that you want to be in? Do you feel a sense of fulfillment; a sense of belonging and connectedness that makes you feel loved and fully accepted at home, and in your outer world? When you look into the mirror, do you like who you see looking back?

Unless you can answer yes to the majority of these questions, I would ask, what part of you are you hidingwhy, and when did you first put on the mask of compromise? How young were you when you first put on your mask to emotionally cope with life? When did a mask become necessary to ensure your very survival? Don’t only ask yourself when you put on the mask that hides the real you from view, but ask what caused you to walk through life with it on for so long that even you forgot you were wearing it. Has the essence of you somehow gotten lost? Have your gifts, dreams, talents, and even the effervescent personality you once exuded, all but vanished as you try to conform to the image of the mask that life has forced you to wear? Who are you, really, and what caused you to consciously, or more likely, unconsciously, don yourself with a mask?

Get your copy of Hiding From Myself today. Discover how Ms. Deborah linked the Law of Attraction to her mask, and how she is successfully removing it so that you can too!

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Yes, for every season, there is a time.  In some ways, learning to hide was how I saved my own life.  Learning to stop hiding was what made me free!  Where do you fit on the spectrum?  The Law of Attraction doesn’t care that for a time, for a season in your life, you may have found it necessary to hide – mentally, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually, it just reproduces after its own kind…for decades, if not for a lifetime!  Law of Attraction responds to your Energy; mood, and mode of being, even while we’re still in the womb.  It’s not personal; it’s cosmic!  Whether your life has been wonderful or filled with feelings of sadness, grief, bitterness, or tragedy… – it’s Law of Attraction that will produce “more of the same,” from day one – even if those feelings originate within our parents.  Until we evolve by changing our thoughts and premise, their issues will find home in our lives too.

In Hiding From Myself, I am endeavoring to share with you, not only that I went into complete and total isolation, and got comfortable there; I am going to share with you when I first put on my mask and began to subtly, discreetly, hide. I am going to share with you when, where, why, and how I began to mask myself. I am somehow finding the courage to not only unmask, but to share with you how empowering it is to look into your own heart and make the necessary changes, within, so that your true self can be revealed, so that all of your highest and grandest dreams can be actualized, and your real goals in life can be achieved.

My hope is that by unmasking and sharing my life story with you in Hiding From Myself, you too will also be able to find answers to the “whys” of your own life so that you can be highly functional, productive, redeem the time you have wasted being in, and operating in, confusion, victimization, guilt, shame, or pain. It is time for you to be able to discover your own magnificence, your true essence, and freely and fully express who you really are, authentically full‑faced and hiding nothing, in this one glorious life that you are so privileged to be living.




















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